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  • What is Energy Healing?

    Every living being is made up of Energy ~ Universal Life Force ~ Ki. We are constantly being affected by the subtle energies of the universe and others around us even though we may not be able to feel it. Energy healing uses the universe's energy to align the major energy centers of the body ~ Chakras ~ and bring the body's energy back into alignment in order to allow the body to regenerate and heal itself.

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  • Services

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    Reiki & Energy Healing

    Reiki is a non physical form of Energy Healing, I will use my own energy to balance and restore your energy and align your Chakras and clear any blockages that may be causing illness or pain. Reiki itself does not heal the body, it allows the body to relax and realign in order to heal itself.

    • 60 Minute Session - $60
    • Buy two sessions get one half price - $150 (Includes gift cards for others)
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    Crystal Healing

    Crystals store energy from the Earth, each crystal has a unique characteristic that aids in healing, protecting and amplifying energies. Crystal therapy is an ancient healing form that helps align energy and clear energy blockages stored in the body using the specific healing properties of various crystals.

    • ​Add Crystals to a Reiki Session - Free
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    Angel Card Readings

    Allow me to directly communicate messages from your guardian angels and spirit guides using beautiful Angel or Oracle cards. They will help answer questions and direct you on your life's course.

    • 45 Minutes - $30
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    Animal Reiki

    I am a certified Animal Reiki practitioner and love working with pets! Reiki can help calm an anxious pet, clear blockages causing arthritis or hip dysplasia or help with pain and healing during the pet's last stages of life.

    • 45 Minute Session - $30
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    Distance Healing

    Reiki Energy can be sent anywhere in the universe, even travel back in time to heal past situations. Distance Reiki sessions will begin with an interview (Phone, Skype, Email) and then we will set a time for the distance session to take place - all you need to do is relax.

    • 45 Minutes - $45
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    While I prefer to work out of my sacred space I understand that some people and pets are unable to travel for health and mobility reasons. I can come to your home, however I charge a fee for travel.

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  • Contact Information

    Located in South West Calgary, AB Canada

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